Turn Key Health Promotion Clinics

Providing the Platform for Positive Health Change

The time is now.  Empowering a nation, a workforce, a family with the education and awareness to live a healthy lifestyle is the right thing to do.   We learn to limit health risks and ease the burden of disease on our healthcare system.  With a focused health agenda we can mobilize our communities, our workplaces and our nation to make positive health change.  We have the health promotion platform to take those first steps.

In our experience with our clients, we see employers evaluating risks all the time at their workplace.  Health care and benefit costs to employers and insurance providers are increasing and the workplace population may not be the healthiest.  Health risks to consider in the workplace environment:  Sedentary lifestyle, Obesity, Smoking, Stress, Alcohol Consumption, Chronic Disease (Diabetes and Heart Disease), and an Aging Workforce. Employers and insurance providers are key stakeholders in the ever increasing costs associated with health care and benefit plans.

Wellington at Work Wellness Screening Clinic days identifies health risk at your workplace and your community and assist to mitigate soaring healthcare costs.   The American Journal of Health Promotion suggests that for every $1 spent on a “corporate” wellness program, a return on investment of $2.13-$10.10 can be expected. Our goal is to empower all to take next steps towards a healthy lifestyle!

About Wellington at Work Wellness                                                                      

  • Is your partner in health care
  • Promotes positive health habits
  • Encourages new lifestyle changes
  • Boosts healthy morale within your organization/community
  • Encourages employee/community engagement, participation and increased health awareness
  • Provides health education one on one with a licensed health care professional
  • Is always customizable and can be branded to your organization/community

What we offer

  • Health screening and education initiatives that meet the needs of your organization/community
  • Health screening clinics at your workplace/your community centre, your pharmacy (screening for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure to name a few)
  • Health fairs: let us do the work and promote and implement your event
  • Lunch and learns: let’s talk about what your people want or need to know
  • Education sessions: give us your ideas!
  • Health Connected is our online health and wellness program providing 24/7 access for personal health tracking, health risk assessment, coaching and challenges
  • Health Connected delivers a strategic approach to health and wellness and goes beyond traditional, often intermittent and fragmented approaches by leveraging the latest in digital and mobile health technologies. Powered by MediResource, Health Connected is designed to promoted daily engagement and behavioural change which is necessary for measuring meaningful impact on employee well-being and organizational health over time. View our Health Connected brochure by clicking here.

For more information please contact:

Kelly Liddell
P: 905-541-8229